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Lighting is one of our favorite ways to transform a space. Wall sconces give off soft, romantic lighting in your bedroom. A well-placed lamp creates a welcoming living room. A chandelier sheds luxurious, glittering light down on your formal dining room. Light is essential to interior design, as it determines how we use and experience a room. JCC Interiors has all your lighting needs—wall sconces, lamps, ceiling lights, track lighting, recessed lighting, and more—to make your rooms shine.

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How To Decorate with Light

It is easy to see how lighting transforms your space. While many may think of it as just a necessary thing to see, it is, in fact, another factor you can change and manipulate! Move a lamp from one corner to the other and observe how it changes your perception of your room: one side of your space may be very bright, then gradually dim. Putting a lamp in the corner throws light up against your wall, but placing it away from your wall allows it to throw light in all directions. Lighting draws the eyes to certain areas and coaxes your gaze from others. Your ideal lighting depends on the shape of your light source, its placement, and its number.


Lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, and so does the light it makes. Cone-shaped sconces and lamp shades fan lighting outwards. Lantern-like globe lights give off a ring of soft, ethereal glow. Use decorative lamp shades for an artistic touch or unusual geometric shades for playful, exciting light patterns. Mixing and matching the shape of your lighting, you not only find the right combination to effectively light your room and turn your home's lighting into a work of art.

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You've likely experienced the inconvenience of sun glare glancing off your television screen. Room-darkening window treatments can fix this issue, but you must take special care when lighting your room electrically. For example, place your lighting behind your TV to avoid screen glare. Wall sconces are excellent lighting options for living rooms and media rooms because of their smaller size—they look beautiful on either side of your media cabinet, won't give off a distracting glare, and can reduce your eyestrain while watching television at night.

Overall, when placing your lighting, consider its size and its range, but also your comfort. Overhead lights are convenient because they easily brighten your room from above, but they could be better for rooms where you look at television, tablet, or computer screens. A lamp next to your couch might not have the same reach as overhead lights, but it creates a peaceful place whenever it's time to read. Remember to space out your light, too—rooms can be too dim but also too bright, making it essential to light your room from different angles for visual balance.


Don't limit your room to a single light source to achieve comfortable lighting and custom ambiance throughout the day. Use overhead or chandelier light to brighten most of your room, and use lamps to brighten only specific parts. Using multiple light sources, you can "layer" your room's lighting:

  • Turn off the ceiling lights and leave just your floor lamp.
  • Keep the wall sconces on at night.
  • Switch off recessed lights.
  • Create intimate lighting with a table lamp.

Experiment to find your favorite ambiences and create the lighting you need for any activity at any hour.

Our Lighting

A cream futon facing a blue leather armchair in a well-lit living room with a stunning geometric hanging lamp

While we have favorite lighting sources such as Regina Andrew and Room and Board, we'll search the market for your unique light for your unique space. Every room is lit differently, and every home is designed individually—and with JCC Interiors, you can expect nothing less than our personalized service. With exquisite lighting pieces from Regina Andrew, Circa, and Romm and Board, you will be able to create truly unique and artistic lighting features in your home.

We work with you to find the desired light for your room or area. What do you love most about your room? What do you love doing in it? Show off your favorite art piece and brighten late nights in your office. We'll ask about your room's purpose and determine when and where you need lighting the most.

Finally, we pay attention to your specific style. Modern, transitional, traditional, minimalistic, or ornate, when you work with experts from JCC Interiors, you're sure to find a light source that brightens your day.

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Our wide selection of lighting and our dedication to finding your perfect piece makes us one of the premier lighting stores in Atlanta, GA. Call or contact us today to set up your first consultation and discover our exquisite home lighting. We make homes brighter throughout the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, including Sandy Springs, Decatur, Roswell, Marietta, Tucker, and Alpharetta, GA, and their surrounding communities.

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