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Custom Bedding

Your bed is an essential part of your daily life. Maybe part of your nightly routine is watching TV in your room, or you prefer to read the morning news with a cup of coffee in bed. Even if you strictly use your bed for sleeping, your bedding is crucial to starting and ending your day right. Ideally, we’re spending at least seven to nine hours with it a night, and over time we should spend at least one-third of our lives sleeping or trying to sleep. Scratchy sheets and a flat pillow can ruin your relaxation, but with JCC Interiors, you can rest comfortably: we have you and your bed covered.

Bedroom with blue fabric headboard and matching floor to ceiling curtains

What Makes Custom Bedding Worth It?

The bedding set on clearance at a big box store is probably on clearance for a reason. Big box and catalog bedding has limited color options and cheap fabrics can be uncomfortable, and you aren’t guaranteed to find a combination that complements the rest of your bedroom.

Don’t settle for bedding you can tolerate. Custom bedding is custom: made perfectly for you. You choose your favorite colors and fabrics to curate your own bedding set that meets your individual needs in your individual style. You won’t find silk sheets, eye-catching accent pillows, and a stunning duvet together on a shelf, but the experts at JCC Interiors make it easy to create your own luxurious bedding set. Because you shouldn’t just dream your dream bed: you should be in it.

Custom comforter, bedding fabric, and custom bedding Atlanta, GA from JCC Interiors near Atlanta, Georgia (GA)

What Makes Up a Custom Bedding Set?

Your custom bedding set is made up of what you want - that’s what makes it unique to you! To create your own bedding set, JCC Interiors can help you choose:

Bed skirts

The bed skirt is the first layer of your bed but contributes to its final appearance. Bed skirts cover your box spring for a complete look. Use straight edges for a crisp, modern aesthetic or use ruffles and fringe for a casual, relaxed feel.


The least seen, but the most felt. Simple patterns can be a spot of color and visual interest for your overall bed look, but ultimately, your sheets’ material is paramount. Sheets are essential not just to your comfort and warmth, but to your health and the lifetime of your mattress. Sheets keep your bed sanitary, wicking away sweat and protecting you from bacteria, allergies, and creepy crawlies. The best bed sheet fabrics include:

  • Silk
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Pima cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Linen
Fabric weaves like percale, sateen, and twill as well as different thread counts are also key elements to consider when choosing your sheets.


Often interchanged with a comforter or quilt, a duvet consists of a down or down-alternative insert that is protected by a removable cover. The duvet is your bed’s showstopper, lightly but warmly layering your bed with its signature “fluff”. Like sheets, different materials matter. The weight and breathability of your insert and cover will depend on what they are made of. Down is the most insulating option for your insert, and because cotton and cotton blends are easily dyed and durable, they are popular choices for the duvet cover.


A custom comforter is an effortless top layer for your bed. Almost like a deluxe quilt, a comforter is filled and stitched in one piece. It can be placed on the bed on its own or can replace the insert in a duvet cover for an extra lush top layer.

Blankets, Coverlets, and Quilts

A blanket is convenient for adjustable warmth and acts as a fashionable layer between your sheets and your duvet. A throw blanket, coverlet, or quilt can go on top of your duvet or be folded neatly at the bottom. When spread across your bed, blankets, quilts, and coverlets protect the top of your bed from stains, making them ideal additions to beds shared by adventurous pets - though they are just as exceptional at simply keeping your feet warm.

Shams and Accent Pillows

As the finishing touch, pillows add height and dimension to your bed. The pillows you sleep on should be stacked flat to prop up square Euro sham pillows; the rest can be arranged to your preference. Get creative with different shapes and sizes for a one-of-a-kind look, and change out your pillows with the seasons, weather, or your mood. Unlike other components of your bedding set, your pillows can be easily rearranged or replaced - just switching a few pillow covers can be instant facelift for your bed.

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Don’t get lost in your bed’s layers: call or contact us today to get started creating your custom bedding set. JCC Interiors consists of experienced, professional design experts committed to your comfort and style. Besides our custom bedding, we also provide designer window treatments, fabrics, furniture, lighting, paint, and wallpaper to help homeowners create a home that’s completely theirs. We proudly design the interiors of homes in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, including Sandy Springs, Decatur, Roswell, Marietta, Tucker, and Alpharetta, GA, as well as the surrounding communities.

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