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Home Decor Fabrics

Colors, patterns, and textures bring your room’s design from just a few ideas to a carefully curated space. For this reason, fabric is sewn into the very - well, fabric - of interior design. With roots in the fashion and apparel industry, JCC Interiors has a superior understanding of the importance of textiles in your home. We have an extensive fabric library and source individual fabrics for each project separately, making creating beautiful custom drapes and duvets as simple as possible.

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Window Treatment Fabric

Window treatments block, diffuse, or redirect the lighting of your rooms to create a personalized ambiance throughout your home. The fabric of soft window treatments like shades, sheers, and drapes are essential to their room-darkening or light-filtering abilities. Patterns, colors, and textures draw the eye and contribute to your room’s overall visual interest. As a dealer of Hunter Douglas window treatments, we offer our customers exclusive window treatment fabrics from the Alustra® Collection and Design Studio™ product line.

  • The Alustra® Collection consists of the most fashion-forward fabrics on the market. Fabrics are sourced from around the world for a truly cultural touch.
  • Design Studio™ Custom Drapes and soft window treatments feature the art of world-renowned textile artists like Rebecca Atwood, Marcie Bronkar, and Seema Krish. Mix and match diamonds and dots on your roller shades and drapes, elevate your dining room with romantic embroidery, and energize your kitchen with colorful stripes.
  • These Hunter Douglas fabrics are available by the yard so you can seamlessly coordinate your window treatments with your room’s other home accents.
Custom fabric from JCC Interiors fabric store Atlanta, GA around greater Atlanta, Georgia (GA)

Custom Bedding Fabric

Texture is the most crucial part of choosing a suitable bedding fabric. Stuffy sheets and a stained duvet are part of no one’s ideal bedroom. Bedding fabrics should therefore be a union of comfort and style. Common custom bedding fabrics include:

  • Silk: For sleek sheets and pillowcases. Silk is hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking for an utterly luxurious sleep experience.
  • Cotton: For all your bedding needs. Its durability and dyeability make it a go-to for the multiple fabric needs of your home. However, its washability makes it a brilliant choice for comforters and duvet covers. Egyptian cotton is the highest quality material for cotton fabrics, closely followed by Pima. A percale weave ensures your sheets only get softer over time.
  • Linen: The original bedding fabric. Linen keeps your bed clean and cool, and its beauty and softness only increases over time, in fact vintage linen sheets are considered heirlooms in some cultures.
  • Microfiber for kids’ bedrooms: Though it is lightweight, microfiber’s tight weave is warm and extremely resilient to stains and wear. Its smooth texture is also a winner for those with sensitive skin.

Upholstery Fabric

Your furniture fabric determines whether your loveseat is an antique accent piece or a well-loved family sofa. Delicate fabrics may be used for more decorative items, while durable fabrics are essential for pieces that will see frequent use. Standard upholstery fabrics include:

  • Cotton: Again a home décor favorite for its many varieties. Upholstery cotton fabric is readily available in unique colors and patterns, and cotton is abrasion-resistant, meaning it won’t lose its attractiveness even with heavy use.
  • Velvet: For pieces that need drama and glamour. Velvet gives your furniture an effortlessly upscale look, and its short pile makes its fashion perfectly functional. Without looped threads, you’ll never see a snag.
  • Leather: The fabric world’s working professional. Leather lasts longer than soft fabric couches, and its flexibility means it’s just as comfortable. Leather is also water-resistant, and the lack of fibers makes it quickly dusted. Leather is especially advantageous in active family homes because it won’t collect stains and pet hair.
  • Polyester: A synthetic superhero. Though it’s not as breathable as other materials, it is often blended with natural fibers like cotton or wool. Blending solves the breathability issues while increasing the strength and resilience of the fabric’s weave.
  • Nylon: Another supportive synthetic. Nylon is prone to pilling on its own and so is almost always blended with another fabric. It’s extremely strong, making nylon blends smart choices for items that see frequent use.
  • Acrylic: For outdoor pieces or dining room furniture. Developed as an affordable alternative to wool, the acrylic fabric can put up with rain or kitchen spills. It dries quickly and won’t shrink or wrinkle.

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